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WordPress membership subscription plugins review 2018

Offering membership subscription options on WordPress websites is becoming an increasingly popular way to generate income by restricting content to paid members.

Choosing the right WordPress plugin to help manage membership site can be daunting if you haven’t installed one before.

To help make your decision easier, I have reviewed 3 of the best plugins that offer features to help you set up and manage a membership subscription business.

Editors choice Member mouse  – WordPress membership plugin that’s powerful… flexible… and easy.

Member Mouse

MemberMouse WordPress plugin offers you everything you need to easily manage your online membership business no matter what you’re selling. MemberMouse claims to provide a flexible platform, with absolutely no programming required allowing you to get up and running quickly.


23 Features



Price and payment

From $19.95 per month

Accepts Credit Card

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MemberPress WordPress plugin integrates fully with your already-existing WordPress website, is robust but is also simple to use.


24 Features



Price and payment

From $195 per year

Accepts Credit Card and Paypal

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Cozmoslabs Paid Member Subscriptions WordPress plugin doesn’t force you into a predefined structure by integrating with your existing WordPress site and content instead of complicated setup pages.


13 Features


Online support ticketing

Price and payment

Free plugin available

From $69 one off/yearly (Support and upgrades)

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Tips for your arrival, first day in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Comfortable bed for the night

There are plenty of choices for staying in Chiang Mai for a short time or long stay. Choosing a place that suits you will depend on your preferences, budget, availability and the duration of your stay.

Prices may vary depending on if you’re planning to stay in the same place for a longer time as you may receive a favourable rate.

On arrival in Chiang Mai, I was fortunate to stay with a friend for the first week.

You can also get £25 discount when you sign up and book a place to stay on AirBnb

Getting around

Booking an Uber is being more popular with tourists and locals in Chiang Mai

iPhone Apps for Remote Working in 2018

I’ve used a lot of apps and I’m constantly looking for ways to improve how I use my smart phone and laptop to increase productivity and allow me to access everything that I need to work smarter on fewer devices.

My iPhone is organised into work areas to allow me to focus on the task at hand. I’ve included in this post my recommended apps that I find most useful for keeping in touch with friends, family and clients. Apps for handling day-to-day office tasks effectively and my favourite collection of marketing tools that I can use to promote my business ventures and other activities.

On my home screen I’ve kept Chrome, Voice Memos, Reminders and Settings out of a folder to make them instantly accessible if I need to find information, make a voice recording or set a reminder.

Communication is a crucial part of life and work, keeping in touch with friends and colleagues, family and partners is easier when you have the right tools to do so and when you’re travelling, it’s important to be able to contact people instantly.

To be productive, online tools are a great way of systemising and organising your day-to-day workload. These apps make life simpler by keeping information about tasks in one place and allowing you to focus on the task at hand while having access to the right information. Having the right apps for your work and life can lead to improve collaboration and better time management.

If you’re running a business it’s paramount that you have simple to use promotion tools to raise awareness of your products, services, skills and expertise.

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