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Co-working space Chiang Mai

co-working spaces Chiang Mai, Thailand

Co-working space Chiang Mai

A space for Digital Nomads

I think I’ve got the remotest idea

I have a good idea of what remote working is and how large companies are moving towards redesigning their corporate structures to accommodate their staff’s demands for working out of office.

There’s also an evolving digital nomad movement, where people are taking advantage of the internet, computing, social platforms and digital marketing, which is moving at a fast pace to transform the way freelancers and entrepreneurs can collaborate today, as long as they are close by to an internet connection of course!

Now I’ve got the remotest idea. What am I going to do with it?

As a digital entrepreneur, I’m lucky enough to have the option to work from most places already, as long as there is an internet connection, armed with a laptop and a phone, I can run most of my business activities effectively from anywhere.

However I still find myself spending a large amount of time travelling, meeting face-to-face and going to conferences that are close to where I live in Southampton.

In this globally connected, easier to travel and tech-physically lighter world, I find myself asking, can I take this remote working lifestyle a step further and take my business wherever I go without being tied to one location or limited by physical barriers.

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