As the endeavour to continually seek more efficient and effective use of our precious time increases, so does the popularity of group fitness sessions. Combined with the growing trend towards the uptake of high-intensity exercises followed by slower-paced recovery times, will we see a healthier population in 2018?

Note: Intense exercise may save time, however, if training is not done correctly, the potentially higher rate of injury may not be worth it.

Be more flexible and go gym free

As well as the cost-saving benefits, being free from the confines of the gym can allow you to be more flexible about your choices when and where to exercise to help you fit your workouts during less busy times on your day.

Yoga offers a range of ideal exercises for increasing mobility which doesn’t require complicated equipment that is normally associated with going to the gym.

Stay on track with wearable tech

Coming soon – wearable tech review 2018